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Ascendant: Rogues Gallery Sourcebook (hardcover)

Ascendant: Rogues Gallery Sourcebook (hardcover)

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Set in the immersive Ascendant Universe™, this 255-page sourcebook offers:

  • Twenty-eight fully illustrated antagonists, ranging from the villainous weapons inventor Parabellum to the fiery immortal Karma Fire and duplicating speedster Flashmob. Each antagonist has a backstory, designer's notes, and story hooks to use in your game.
  • 28 in-character dossiers, written by Squadron Intelligence, provide briefings for every antagonist in the book. Print or copy these dossiers and hand them to your heroes for added immersion.
  • 7 pre-generated heroes based on classic archetypes, with guidelines on how to customize and play each character. Take on the role of a Blaster, Bulldozer, Champion, Dark Detective, Gladiator, Psychic, or Speedster.
  • Four organizations to challenge and engage your heroes. Battle the sinister private military corporation Dark Emerald, stop Exodus terrorists from destroying Capital City, confront Russia's Spetsikhotron, or face down China's Soaring Sabers over the skies of Asia.
  • Twelve character templates for use as bystanders, foils, love interests, or antagonists. The Backseat Superhero, Cantankerous Karen, Final Girl, Uncooperative Ninja, and other NPCs are ready to guest star in your game.
  • Thirty epistolary story pieces, including leaked documents, news articles, and blog posts, explore different facets of the Ascendant Universe. Use these pieces in play to help the players investigate key characters and events.
  • Five new powers and skills, seven new power flaws, eight new power modifiers, ten new perks and drawbacks, and ten new inventions give you even more character-building options. Dominate combat with Battlefield Control, protect yourself with Reflective Skin, and drive away foes with Malodorous.

If you're a gamemaster or player of Ascendant, the Rogues Gallery is an essential sourcebook that will help your game reach new heights. And if you're a fan of the Ascendant Universe, the Rogues Gallery offers setting details you won't find anywhere else.