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AX2 Secrets of the Nethercity (softcover)

AX2 Secrets of the Nethercity (softcover)

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Cyfaraun is a city of ancient lineage. The name itself is an Auran corruption of its original elven name, Cyfarawn. Evidence of elven construction is still visible in the city’s oldest district, today called Old Cyfaraun. Many city residents know that Old Cyfaraun was founded atop an earlier settlement – Ancient Cyfaraun, buried by cataclysmic ashes over 500 years ago.

Only the most illustrious sages are aware that the Ancient City was itself built over an even deeper ruin, a Forgotten Cyfaraun, a city brought low by an earthquake almost 2,000 years ago. Forgotten Cyfaraun was reduced to rubble but its lasting legacy is a hidden Nethercity, a treacherous place of twisting tunnels, dusty catacombs, and black, volcanic caves that waits, forgotten and unplumbed - until now…

AX2: Secrets of the Nethercity™ (SOTN) is a ready-to-play adventure scenario presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games. Explore the impossibly complex warrens of the Nethercity and discover the horrific truth of the ancient empire that ruled the realm. Designed to carry characters from 3rd to 8th level of experience, Secrets of the Nethercity includes:

  • A vast kilo-dungeon. Explore over 20 different interlocking areas such as the Great Temple of the Awakening, the Alchemic Laboratory, the Hallowed Hall of Heroes, and the Secret Alien Sepulcher.
  • Dizzyingly great cartography by Dyson Logos and Simon Forster that will confound even the wiliest mappers.
  • Stunning full-color art by Michael Syrigos.
  • 4 new character classes. Bring the power of the ancient elven empire to life with the Elven Cultist, Elven Hierophant, Elven Warlord, and Elven Wizard.
  • 14 new monsters. Terrify your adventurers with the Faewyrd, Incarnation of Terror, and Undead Bone Golem.
  • 26 new magic items. Don the Iron Mask of Cyfaraun, seize the Rod of the Elemental Spheres, and steer the Funerary Barge of the Cults through the subterranean waters.
  • Over 40 new macabre spells. Drive enemies to insanity, swap the bodies of crossbreeding subjects, or cast your foes into an endless slumber.
  • Guidelines for adapting the adventure to any campaign setting.
  • Seeds for further adventure in AX3: Capital of the Borderlands and beyond.

The secrets of the Nethercity await!