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AX3 Capital of the Borderlands (softcover)

AX3 Capital of the Borderlands (softcover)

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The Borderlands has been contested throughout recorded history and its landscape is littered with ancient fortresses, blood-soaked battlefields, and dread ruins, all crumbling relics of the empires that once ruled there. Now the dangers facing the Borderlands are greater than ever. Monsters are slipping across the porous border to terrorize and plunder. Travel has grown perilous, and the border forts are becoming increasingly isolated and outmatched. The ambitious, bold, and greedy have begun to gather in Cyfaraun, ancient capital of the borderlands, seeking glory and gold.  There, criminal gangs battle for control of the streets and terrible evils lurk in the twisting tunnels, dusty catacombs, and black, volcanic caves that lie below….  

AX3: Capital of the Borderlands™ is a two-in-one setting book designed to last an entire campaign. It features both a fully detailed urban campaign setting (the Capital) and a comprehensive wilderness sandbox (the Borderlands). Designed for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS™), it is readily compatible with other fantasy role-playing games built on the same core rules. 

In Capital of the Borderlands you will find:

  • A detailed regional sandbox with 53 wilderness points of interest. The points of interest can be used with our AX series of adventures in the borderlands or can be used in your home campaign.  Reclaim the weapons of kings from the Burial Mounds of the Empyreans and confront the undying mummy lords in the Valley of the Sorcerer Kings.
  • A set of realms and domains in the Borderlands designed for use with the domain rules of ACKS. Rule the Prefecture of the Borderlands or the dwarven vault of Azen Radokh.
  • A comprehensive city sandbox with 82 urban points of interest spread across 8 mapped city districts. Fight in the gladiatorial games of the Festival District, party with the patricians in the Lake District, or seize power in the Palace District.
  • A dynamic city-building system that lets you create new buildings and blocks in Cyfaraun on the fly. The tables are based on detailed historical research into the structure of ancient cities, giving you never-before-seen verisimilitude and depth.
  • A dozen mini-dungeons running through the sewers, tombs, and catacombs below the city. Confront a coven of lycanthropic mages at the Shrine of the Horned Rat, delve the Catacombs of the Ancestors, and infiltrate the Death Cult Hideout.
  • A set of 10 random encounter tables for the city, including separate tables for each district of the city as well as the undercity below the streets.
  • An NPC adventuring party, the Imperial Vanguard, so obnoxiously pleasant and tidy that every adventuring party will love to hate them.
  • Over a dozen stunning full-color art pieces by Michael Syrigos and more than 20 detailed maps by Simon Forster and Dyson Logos.